Shear cutting
 J3B-75C / J3B-48C Pneumatic knifeholder

J3B-75C / J3B-48C Pneumatic knifeholder

Suitable for high performance processes


  • Precise and repeatable micrometer knife depth engagement makes top knife bottom knife overlap setting easy and accurate.
  • Precise and simple side load cutting pressure adjustment. Pressure is displayed on a gauge and adjusted with a simple valve.
  • Prolonged blade durability and excellent cut quality

     J3B is used on Helios systems where the top and bottom knives are moved as a pair

(for example automatic systems, STJ side trim, Fast Man, etc ....)

What sets this knife holder apart is the ability to adjust the cutting pressure pneumatically, meaning all the knife holders mounted on the machine can work at the same side load pressure.

Excessive side load pressure setting errors are reduced as the operator can physically see the load being applied to the bottom knife.

This results in a greater top and bottom knife life on the machine necessitating fewer knife changes and therefore improving machine efficiency.

The J3B knife holder is robustly constructed for long life durability and high speed operation.


The J3B is particularly suited for arduous applications where maximum performance is required.


J3B features:

  • 130/150/180/200mm diameter blade
  • Frontal extraction of the blade head
  • Precise, graduated scale micrometer knife depth adjustment
  • Easy adjustment of cutting pressure
  • Easy cutting angle adjustment with graduated cant angle scale
  • Inbuilt pneumatic locking brake to assist side load setting
  • Automatic blade safety guard (360° blade coverage when the knife holder is switched off).
  • Bayonet knife locking system. No need to remove the knifeholder from the machine to change knives.
  • Ambidextrous knife head


  • Special guard for dust extraction
  • Special guard with felt wiper system for blade lubrication
  • Laser to check position in relation to bottom knife
  • Razor cutting
  • Guide system
    double rail guide (type 4.8579.E)

Can also be ordered without a dovetail mounting bar and bracket


OPERATING SPECIFICATIONSIndicative values for standard substrates, for special or non standard substrates  please contact our technical department for advice.

Paper/cardboard max. 800gr/m2 (48C)
  max. 1500gr/m2 (75C)
Plastic, Film from 25µ to 1000µ (48C)
  from 25µ to 2500µ (75C)
Non woven max. 1000gr/m2
Maximum speed 1500m/min
Minimum cutting size 50mm (48C)
  75mm (75C)
  Maximum blade stroke    40mm

Send us your material and we will carry out cutting tests to confirm which of our knife holders is suitable for .

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