Razor cutting
 J3H-RB Pneumatic knife holder

J3H-RB Pneumatic knife holder

Incorporates an automatic blade safety guard with 100% blade coverage when the knife holder is switched off.

Suitable for thick plastics.


  • Heavy duty ‘Stanley’ blade
  • Lateral blade extraction
  • Inbuilt pneumatic locking brake
  • Quick manual positioning utilising  slide / bearing and pinion knob
  • Automatic razor blade safety guard (100% razor blade coverage when the knife holder is switched off).
  • Blade depth adjustment


  • Onboard repositioning with small handwheel

Guide system:

  • Double guide rail (4.8579.E)

OPERATING SPECIFICATIONSIndicative values for standard substrates, for special or non standard substrates  please contact our technical department for advice.

Paper N/A
Plastic from 2.5mm to 12mm
Non woven N/A
Minimum cutting size 75mm
Maximum blade stroke 40mm  

Send us your material and we will carry out cutting tests to confirm which of our knife holders is suitable for . 

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