Founded in 1976 by Elio Cavagna, Elio Cavagna S.r.l. has been operating in the cutting sector since its onset, specialising in shear, razor and pressure cutting systems.
The areas of application are wide-ranging, mainly in flexible coil or sheet materials. All Elio Cavagna S.r.l. products have been branded under "HELIOS" since 1980.
Helios has been synonymous with change since the very beginning.
Since the '80s Helios has changed the concept of pneumatic knife holders - from a rigid block whose sole purpose was to carry a blade, we have come up with a more precise and flexible solution that suits everyone's needs. Many others are now following us in our footsteps.

Over the years, thanks to countless applications across the globe, the experience and quality we offer have been painstakingly optimised with the aim of achieving excellence and a prominent position in the market.
We have introduced new products and solutions over time, from very simple systems to highly automated modules.

Today, just like in the past, Helios Elio Cavagna Srl continues to develop solutions that fulfil new market demands.

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